Faye Lessler
Faye Lessler
Engaging and informed content

Hi, I’m Faye.

I’m an expert in communicating sustainable & social justice missions to a customer who cares.

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- Articles, guides, and blog posts
- About and mission statements
- Product descriptions
- Social media copy
- Promotional emails
- Edit your copy
- Develop your branding and strategic marketing



People don’t buy products, they buy ideas. That’s why I write about ideas that your customer can relate to, ideas that your customer wants to be a part of. My clients trust me to understand the ideas that form their identity, and to communicate them to their ideal audience.

I’m a California-born, Brooklyn-based freelance writer and strategist for mission-driven brands. My work is informed by a decade of experience interacting directly with consumers through sales, marketing, and design. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve worked with positive-impact brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle space to develop and communicate their vision and mission to customers who care.

As a writer and strategist, I will work together with you to craft inspirational and educational content that builds a relationship with your audience. My favorite clients to work with are the ones who take a creative, curious, and collaborative approach to serving their customers and creating a better world for all.

Let me be your expert in sustainable communications.

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