Green Dreamer is a podcast and multimedia journal illuminating the many paths to environmental restoration, intersectional sustainability, and wellness. I worked with the host and founder, Kamea Chayne, to publish educational guides for her audience before she re-launched her site in early 2019.

The voice for Green Dreamer is straightforward, informative, and positive. The goal with Green Dreamer’s content is to welcome anyone into the movement for environmental and social justice with actionable steps and takeaways. I enjoyed the opportunity to take a step back and break down topics for her audience from a general and unbiased perspective.

Top performing pieces written for Green Dreamer:

Regenerative Agriculture: What It Is and Why We Need to Transition ASAP

What is Sustainable Fashion? (An Introduction and 3 Steps for Getting Started)

8 Easy Ways To Help Drive Systemic Change For Sustainability Through Policy