As a consumer, I am constantly seeking quality and authenticity, which is why I admired and shopped with Klean Kanteen long before we began working together. Shortly after I began writing for them, I was able to visit this Nor-Cal based, family-owned company’s headquarters and meet their Social Media & Content Manager in person. What I learned is that Klean Kanteen is not only on a mission to provide non-toxic, reusable alternatives to single-use plastics, but to do it in a way that promotes a fun, healthy, and family-friendly lifestyle.

As a content creator for Klean Kanteen I draw inspiration from their joyful branding and their mission to make it easy for people to live an active, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, no matter how old they are or where they live. They asked me to write personal stories for them in a neighborly, laid-back, and authentic voice, and I have loved working together with their Social Media & Content Manager to curate articles that feel intimate yet welcoming.

My favorite pieces for Klean Kanteen so far have been Traveling Plastic Free, and Combatting Climate Change With Your Morning Coffee.