Meow Meow Tweet is a small-batch skincare company creating vegan, fair trade, palm oil-free and low-waste products with all natural and organic ingredients. I began working with the brand in early 2019 as a blog writer. I now work with their founders, marketing director, and visual designer to come up with robust, educational topics for blog, social media, and newsletter content.

The voice for Meow Meow Tweet is sincere, quirky, and spirited. They focus on being a champion for “super” natural ingredients, low-waste living, and always putting their values before business growth. I enjoy the collaborative spirit that the Meow Meow Tweet team brings to the table and find both joy and purpose in writing useful content for their audience.

Top performing pieces written for Meow Meow Tweet:

We’re Not Perfect, But We’re Trying

Plants for President! All About Chamomile

Presenting: The Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

The Chemistry of Soap


Instagram for Meow Meow Tweet: