Hi, I’m Faye.

I’m a writer working for environmental and social justice, and I understand the questions your audience is asking.

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you need someone who can connect with your audience.

I have worked with brands big and small, experiencing the world of retail, sales, and design. I have also worked alongside educators, business experts, and entrepreneurs who all share a mission to make this world a better place. My background is diverse and robust. It has given me significant insight into what it takes to market and run a profitable, sustainable business. It has also given me insight into what customers need, and how to establish rapport with them.

I am a communicator, a harmonizer. I have always been attuned to the energies of others and of an overall environment (I can read a room).  I am able to speak in your customer’s language. My expertise is in understanding what your customer wants and who they are. And my services will help you get your story/solution in front of them for the right reasons.