As a writer, I am in my element asking questions about everything and everyone. For Shea Brand, a minimal-waste, natural skincare brand based in Brooklyn, I spent time with each member of the team to gain an understanding of their vision and mission. They wanted to tell stories in an honest, inclusive, and empowering voice that focused on meeting their customers needs and making their customers feel good about themselves from the inside, out.

As a content creator for Shea Brand I am inspired by the core purpose of the company: to provide affordable, artful, and powerful products to everyone who can benefit from them. I love working together with their team to come up with content that is well-researched and answers real questions.

Some of my favorite pieces I’ve written for Shea Brand include How CBD Can Heal Your Lips, Beyond Body Positivity, and How To Find Inspiration Through Art, Teamwork, and Evolution: An Interview With Creative Director Krystal Vaquerano.


As the Instagram caption writer for Shea Brand, I carry the same elements over to inspire and empower their audience. I spend time with their Creative Director curating a feed that balances education, authenticity, and awe. Shea Brand wanted to use this space not to sell products, but to build rapport with their audience and invite them into a world where they can feel accepted, nourished, and celebrated.