I founded Sustaining Life in 2014 as a way to showcase sustainable fashion and to keep friends & family abreast on my life adventures. As I grew older and my knowledge around sustainability has shifted and grown, so has the focus of this project. Now, Sustaining Life is a lifestyle blog focused on exploring the intersectionality of environmental & social justice, wellness, and happiness. My mission for Sustaining Life is to provide inspiration and encouragement for those looking to lead a balanced life full of purpose and joy.

I love creating content for Sustaining Life because it is the one place on the internet where I get to be curious & passionate, diving into the deep end of topics that are so often overwhelming. My voice on this platform is warm, intuitive, and down-to-earth because I want it to be a place where readers feel understood & excited, rather than judged or preached at. My favorite thing about blogging on Sustaining Life is that it has allowed me to collaborate and learn from countless people & brands who inspire me.

Some of the most popular pieces on Sustaining Life are I Took Magic Mushrooms in Joshua Tree and Discovered the Meaning of Life, Is Plastic Free July Enough In A World of Corrupt Capitalism?, Sustainability, Capitalism, and Legal Cannabis in California, and How You Can Combat Climate Change in New York City.

The Sustaining Life Instagram is much more informal than any of my other work, as it is a hybrid between personal moments and inspirational or educational content. I carry my friendly, down-to-earth voice over to this platform, adding a little punch of sass to make sure my audience knows that I am not a perfect human! I balance out my own content, client work, and personal anecdotes here to tell a story of my personal life and growth.